Call Sales & Support 1 (888) 667-5945

Crown Crest Capital is proud to offer a feature-rich program to help our dealers succeed.

24/7/365 Availability

  • Immediate Approvals - within 15min of account submission
  • Call center operational with live agents (located in Toronto) from 7am - 1am EST

Competitive Pricing

  • Industry leading financing solutions to help your business grow
  • Tiered competition based on volume
  • Unique bonus structure that ties into the core business of our clients

Quick Pay

  • We fund our clients within 48 hours of account closure and completion

Business Management Division

  • A la Carte style - choose whichever services you require
  • No on-going obligations

Top of the Line Technology

  • Access to your own customizable CRM and Portal System
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management systems